Property Defects – Latent Defects

Property Defects deal with any damage that may have occurred to your property that is totally out of your control. We help thousands of people deal with their insurance claims when incidents along the lines of subsidence, latent defects, heave, drainage or damp have occurred to their property.latent defects

Latent defects more often than not go unnoticed until it is too late, they often cause a huge amount of damage, but that is because the damage goes unnoticed and wears away at your property for some time. When dealing with latent defects it is best to get professionals to oversee any damage repairs and also to check what damage has occurred because although you might be able see what damage has occurred, it could have actually damaged the foundation of your property, and other areas you might not be able to see with the naked eye.

When latent defects are noticed some times it can cause the property to be un safe to live in. When filing a claim with your insurer sometimes in the fine print it has a clause where they have to provide temporary accommodation when a property is declared unsafe. When hiring Property Defects, we will thoroughly scan your policy to ensure you receive all the benefits which the policy contains. If you would like to see what kind of services, we can offer you then please visit our website at

If you have recently had work done by contractors and your property has suffered from latent defects usually the contractors will see out any other damage that has occurred as long as it happened within two years or less of the original work, they completed.

So, if you have been affected by any property defects along the lines of heave, drainage, subsidence, falling trees or latent defects then don’t hesitate to contact us today, to make your claim as smooth and as easy as possible.

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