ICN Flood Restoration Services

Have you suffered from a flood? Are you in need of some restoration work? Then Independnet Contractor Network could help you. ICN are a flood restoration company that specialise in flood, fire, escape of water and impact damage. Independent Contractor Network understand that when something happens to your property it can be extremely distressing for you and your family. When you suffer from a flood you may think that you house cannot be repaired but you would be mistaken.

Our specialist contractors have many year experience with restoring homes and businesses back to their former glory and getting you back in your home as fast as possible whilst causing as little disruption to you and your family. We recommend for you to act fast when you notice a water leak, water damage has the ability to corrode materials and provide a breeding ground for existing life forms such as mould and bacteria. When a water leak starts, size of the initial leak does not matter it can quickly intensify instigating unobserved water damage. Damage like this needs to be distributed as soon as possible to decrease the long lasting effects it will have on your property. By doing this it will lower the costs and reduce disturbance to you. This would also apply for more widespread flood damage.

Another issue with flood damage is water getting into electrical components which can cause dangerous faults and future problems. We have flood restoration specialists available and ready to be on site as soon as a flooding occurs. Our flood restoration specialists at Independent Contractor Network are all fully vetted and highly recommended. They have a huge amount of knowledge needed to repair any property that’s been flood damaged.

ICN are a nationwide drying company who deal with flood restoration work on a daily basis. Our professionals will first trace and repair the damage carrying out non damaging tests where possible, before any restoration work is carried out. We are here to help when you need us to deal with any flooding situation that you may have. We can return your property back to its original condition.

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